Thursday, May 24, 2012

3rd year begins ...

Last semester's result just released this morning. I passed all 6 subjects this time and I shall say I rather satisfied with my CGP. A few more days I will be heading back to Kampar and the 3rd semester will officially begins. Throughout this year I've learnt a lot of things that I could not have learn through the books.

When I was young, I always wanted to have an adult life ... however as the time goes by I realise that being an adult is not as easy as I expected. My advice: Live your life, you can't buy time ... stay happy

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

To my Valentine

Today, a day so called Valentine's day, I am a little busier than any other day, pls forgive me for spending most of the time in campus as I am rushing for assignments and attending classes ... U did not receive any single present or bouquet of flowers from me but u never nag me for that like most of the girls do, in fact u're working harder than me in our relationship. U stayed overnight to prepare me a handmade Valentine's card. I appreciate and love it very much. Honestly, I felt guilty and promise that there will surely be token of appreciation for the time u spent with me in this 2 years ... Thanks darling, below is a bouquet of virtual roses for u temporarily, till I am bless with fortune ... Everyday is our Valentine's day, I love U

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another holiday ...

Another holiday, once again thanks to Malaysia's festivals and celebrations ... as usual these holidays are way too long to spend in my room but just too short to travel overseas, luckily my girlfriend's family cancelled their visit to Gua Tempurung and did a sudden trip to my hometown Malacca. I became their driver and tour guide for the trip. We went shopping and enjoyed delicious Malacca cuisine for the entire 3 days trip. All expenses were covered by my gf's parents ... overall we all had fun and felt satisfied ... This week will be the fifth week for this semester, I am very worry because it seems like I've learnt nothing until now, God bless ... Of course I will work harder to push up my CGPA ... Some pictures taken during the trip ... see you !!!

In cinema XD

In hotel

Me doing this > :P

GF's parents

Gf's siblings

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Brand New =D

It has been awhile since I came back home for my semester break ... this time I rarely hang out with friends as a result I tend to spend lesser money. However I have the urge of buying new stuffs especially those listed in my New Year's resolution and also for the coming Chinese New Year. Hmm, since I got nothing to do at home, I plan to work as a part timer ... Just now I went for a walk-in interview and found one, although the salary is not so high but since I work just to kill my time, then it's Ok ...

I have a new hairstyle, I spike my hair up this time, nomore combing down already ... Something I don't like about this hairstyle is that if I don't wax my hair it looks like a mushroom ... >.<

That's all for my update, see you again in Chinese New Year. I really hope it will be awesome for everyone ... take care people !!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Singapore ~~~

Time for photos~~

My lovely parents

My family in MRT Spore ~~~

The awesome night in Marina Bay for countdown ...

Xmas Windmill in Bugis ---

Family Icon in Har Paw Villa

My siblings in Universal Studio ....

Thai Restaurant, Cam-whore !!!

I am eaten by the fish ... XD
For the 4th time I came to this place

Mini Statue of Liberty in Har Paw Villa

An owl icon

Monday, December 26, 2011

You & I

Our relationship has been 2 years and 3 months, it was kept as a secret from my parents because I don't have the courage to tell them and worry of how they will react ... well this is life sooner or later they will have to know ... Besides that, I am not a teenager anymore so I think it is kind of usual to have a girlfriend during University life ... since very few people will actually view my blog, I take this opportunity to post this up and if by any chance my family read this, please show it to daddy n mummy ... because YOU are the bridge to link my secret to them ... it is tough to face the reality when the secret is revealed but it is even tougher to keep the secret in myself.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Viva Barca + Exam

What a joyful and beautiful Sunday morning right here at Kampar, just after the football match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, with ending score of 3-1. In the mamak stall, many were watching this match but very few were Barca supporters. Madrid gave a leading goal but later, Barca was fast enough to catch up. Obviously I am a die hard Barca supporters and I am glad they won another Classico.

That's all for football. Nevertheless final exam for Year 2 Sem 2 is approaching in less than a week time. Honestly I am not prepared yet as it seems happy go lucky for me since study break and trip to Penang. However, I know I couldn't give up this fast. I had made a promise earlier that I will do better this time. Nomore giving excuses for not doing well. Last but not least, I sincerely wish all my friends good luck in their exams and Merry Xmas.